Online Marketing Tools For Getting More Local Customers

Online shopping is convenient, without a doubt. Because of this, many small brick and mortar businesses are shifting their attention and resources to building their online store.

But sometimes shoppers, even die-hard online enthusiasts, are happy to visit a local store to buy their item—they don’t have to wait or pay for shipping, and they get to actually touch and handle the product.

Plus, there will always be services and products that just don’t lend themselves to online purchasing (try getting a haircut, fresh pasta dish, or even a massage online!).

Local online marketing is smart way to cater to regular shoppers and to increase foot-traffic to your business. Here are several popular online marketing tools/sites that can help you accomplish this:


5 Mobile Payment Tools for Business

Mobile payment systems look to be the future of commerce. Here are five of the premier mobile payment tools your business can start using right away.

Will cash and credit survive the Digital Age? According to a new survey conducted by Mobio Identity Systems, 94 percent of North Americans would be happy to complete payments through their phone if they knew the system were secure.

Most merchants and small businesses choose to only accept cash or check to avoid paying the extra fee attached to processing a credit card. But now, a handful of mobile technology companies have devised cheap and simple mobile payment solutions to accommodate those small businesses that could not traditionally afford to accept credit cards.

Considering the efficiency and affordability of these systems, even for the smallest of businesses, mobile payment systems might just be the future of commerce. Here are five of the top mobile payment solutions currently available.