IT Solutions

(This service is currently only available to Boston and its vicinity)

What would your business look like if you could be free of IT concerns? Don’t let your core focus be disrupted by an endless barrage of technical minutiae.

Why Use VietAve IT Services?

VietAve has developed a talented team of technical experts, highly trained in a wide range of hardware and software. VietAve IT team has the depth and breadth of experience needed to troubleshoot your basic or advanced IT needs.

Of course, if VietAve designed your website, we are already pre-positioned to efficiently provide the additional IT solutions you required. Streamline the entire IT experience in one fell swoop, by creating a single point of contact for all web, email, and networking needs. This will provide greater continuity of service and allow your organization to run smoother.

What IT Services can VietAve Provide?

  • On-Site Computer Service & Repair
  • Hardware Sales and Purchase Consulting
  • Networking Set-Up (Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks)
  • Server Administration and Configuration
  • Virtual Private Networks (Connecting Small Branch Offices to Main Branch)
  • Network Wiring & Cable Installations
  • Remote or Mobile Connections to Office
  • Web/Email Hosting and Domain Management Services
  • Hardware Diagnostics and Software Troubleshooting
  • Disaster Prevention & Recovery Services
  • Extended Warranty & Maintenance Services

How are VietAve IT services priced?

Not all networks require the same amount of maintenance or services. Our solutions are customized to each customer’s needs. You can either purchase a monthly service plan or pay on-demand by hours. A service plan will give you peace of mind while with on-demand service, you only pay when work is required. Please contact VietAve for details on custom IT maintenance and support packages, or for more information about per-incident rates.