Web Services

The purpose of a business oriented website is to act as a gateway for potential business opportunities. VietAve has established itself as website design firm repute and credibility. The technical team here is comprised of seasoned design professionals who transform your ideas into a dynamic online Public relations portal.Our solutions are market-centric and designed to serve the objectives of your business. Since the business environment is highly fluctuating, our websites architecture are flexible enough to handle any scale up needs or to incorporate any new features.

Custom Programming


VietAve can provide you with custom development and programming solutions, fitted specifically for your website. If you need a custom-made, unique and flawlessly working website to advertise your products and services, VietAve can find a perfect answer for you.

We specialize in organizing and developing your web content, client side (Ajax, JavaScript, Flash) and server side (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) coding, E-commerce development, modification and development of the existing CMS, scripts, web applications and software, and creation of unique custom CMS according to individual needs. We also provide maintenance and website support services, managing your content and fixing problems.

We analyze and find the best-working and affordable solutions for you, offering you professional advice on how to develop your site to be more successful, more profitable and more accessible for the world.

E-commerce Solutions

shopping cart

What kind of a business doesn’t promote and sell its’ products online? E-commerce websites are a necessity for increasing your profit by reaching out to the internet world. Online purchasing is very convenient for customers, and the vendors benefit from this immensely. VietAve can provide you with attractive, quality designs, which can boost your site’s popularity, increase your sales and get more and more return customers. We can customize and develop your online shop the way you need, make it easy-to-use and attractive to your clients, SEO optimize it, and provide you with hosting and support for your shop!

credit cardsVietAve creates and develops premium-quality, custom made e-commerce designs. We believe that any shop deserves to look professional and attractive for its’ buyers. We guarantee professional services and individual approach for each and every kind of online shop project. Our company can also integrate your current website design with your shopping cart design to achieve a more consistent look for all of your pages.

Custom CMS Development

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We can provide you with advice on choosing the right CMS (Content Management System) or we can create a completely custom CMS specifically for you. Our custom CMS solutions will let you manage, update, publish your website’s content exactly the way you want, so that both you, as the site’s owner and your visitors will have a quick and easy interactive experience while exploring your site. You will be able to edit, add and delete pages, manage your users, control their comments, add media to your site, and perform any other actions, which will be provided by our custom-made interface. We can create plugins and addons to your site according to your individual needs. If needed, we also provide easy basic tutorials on how to use your custom CMS.

Webcast & Video Streaming

Live and on-demand streaming media is what we do at VietAve with the finest in live streaming video and stored media content delivery for both Windows Media and Flash encoding. If you would like to broadcast internet church services, government meetings, concerts, graduations or sporting events our worldwide content delivery network can handle any size demand. VietAve has the perfect streaming solution for you. Our streaming solutions can be customized for Pay Per View, Live Chat and Video marking for chaptering On Demand Content. At VietAve we will train you and assist you with all your streaming media service requirements.

Website Maintenance

No need to worry about updating and trying to fix your own website! VietAve offers you fast and efficient website maintenance services. We will update, enhance, backup and repair your site quickly and efficiently, while you can go on running your business. We will maintain the quality of your website, keeping it fresh for your return clients. If you need to add more images, new banners, new calendar events, change the content of the site, backup any important data, add new plugins and functionality, let us do it for you.

Web Hosting


No two websites are the same, so why should two hosting packages be the same? VietAve is the logical choice to host your website because we understand businesses. More importantly, we understand your business. We offer custom hosting services and virtual environments tailored to each of our clients. We’ve developed a simple process to reduce hassle and ensure you the proper package, based on your bandwidth and disk space usage.