Web Design

The perfect website is like a beautiful symphony. All aspects of it must work together or all you are hearing is a bunch of noise. Our web design team will not only create a look that will set your site apart from all others, but it will also design a site that has “flow” to it. By this, we mean that the site will be just as attractive as it is useful for the sites visitors.

Navigation, as we all know, it just as important as the look of the site. If a site gets bogged down by creating too many links to get to a service page, they will often look elsewhere. This type of website development counters the very purpose that it is trying to achieve. Elegant simplicity is a much better approach. Use intelligent content to inform the reader of your services and then provide them with the proper links so that they can browse the goods and services that are offered.

We have found that a dynamic four step approach provides a unique online presence that is second to none.

Corporate Website Design

A Corporate website is more than the face of a business. It is the market perception of a firm. VietAve translates your business objectives into a compelling case for collaboration on the web

Corporate website development not only requires a technically adept team of designers but also market savvy group of professional who understand the business objectives and the demands of the market. A successful design demands a conceptual clarity and an ability to visualize the overall solution within the periphery of specific industry domains and their business processes.

Small Business Website Design

The future of a small business in the Internet economy hinges on the image which is projected from its website – A professional and dynamic website goes a long way in catapulting the small businesses into a higher league

Irrespective of the size of your business, you need to have a vibrant and business-oriented website that is capable of communicating with your partners and potential customers. Your website gives potential customers, employees, partners, and others a first impression about your company and its professionalism.
VietAve provides an affordable website design solution so that it is easier for your business to scale up with time.

CMS Template Design

Content Management System (CMS) is a very efficient and popular tool, which helps maintain your business online, without having someone else updating the site. There are many different Content Management Systems, some of the popular ones are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Xoops, etc. CMS provides you with many useful pre-made plugins and sections, which help you expand your site and add more functionality to it if needed. Usually a CMS provides you with pre-made generic templates, but every serious business has to have its’ own face, branding and identity online. Viet|Ave provides you with unique, custom-made skins for CMS, installs all the necessary plugins, sets up your pages and navigation, so that your website will have an eye-catching, SEO-optimized original design, will be user-friendly and help your business grow by attracting more and more potential clients.

Blog Template Design

Blogs are used for different reasons, but the main one is self-promotion and making the best out of your blog. To make the best out of it, one needs not only the great content, but great look as well. Viet|Ave can help you promote your blog- whether it’s a business blog or a personal diary- by creating a unique, professional and artistic skin for it, increasing its’ interactivity with your visitors by adding various plugins and widgets. We’ll install your blog skin, integrate all the plugins needed and SEO-optimize it, making sure your every need is met!

Web Site Redesign

If your site doesn’t look modern anymore, doesn’t fulfill your objectives and doesn’t have enough functionality to promote itself, VietAve is at your service. With all the amazing web.2.0 sites, which multiply daily, one really needs to have his site look trendy and up-to-date. VietAve can enhance your online look by giving your site a full web 2.0 makeover – give your site a more sophisticated, elegant and creative layout, convey your message in a more persuasive way, make the site’s usage interactive, easy to use and client-oriented. Your new site will be professionally coded, SEO customized, W3C compliant, cross-browser- and screen-resolution compatible, and easily accessible by your visitors.

Forum Design

Whether you already have your own online community or you need to get a forum for your site, VietAve will make your forum look outstanding by creating a unique skin for it, based on your preferences. Whether it’s a business forum, gaming community, a fan site, we’ll create a special template for it, with all the necessary graphics, icon and button packages; install the template on your server and integrate all the necessary addons. If you want to add a forum to your existing site, we can customize the forum according to your site’s look.